EDF HPC Delivery

Musgrave Transport offers a full package for deliveries to Hinkley Point C New Nuclear Build Power Station.

We currently work with the majority of the tier 1 suppliers and their supply chains, we have already become the go to transport company for modular building manufactures requiring their buildings delivered to site. Last year we delivered over one thousand large modular building on to site without issue.

Hinkley Point C (HPC) is a controlled and secure site that only pre-authorised vehicles and personnel can enter. Our vehicles are site compliant and our drivers have had extensive training resulting in them receiving permanent full site passes.

We are familiar with Delivery Management System (DMS) and the booking process so are in a position to assist and advise on any potential booking requirements. We can also offer onsite shunters for time consuming deliveries or unloads and can offer self-escort vehicle services that are fully equipped to the current legislation that can carry out escorting duties to the site as well as on site.

Please get in touch if we can be of any assistance for your EDF HPC deliveries